The Usobio biodegradable disposable product line is a concrete response to the demand for consumer products with low environmental impact.

In recent years, the search for alternative materials to replace plastics derived from petrochemicals has created new solutions, which are increasingly efficient and with a lower environmental impact.

Usobio is a natural disposable, born from the constant search for materials and production techniques that respect the environment, maintaining high standards of product quality, usability and beauty.

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All products are produced Usobio completely from biodegradable and compostable raw materials , derived entirely from renewable resources : plates, cutlery , glasses and tablecloths disposable , respecting the environment and the future.

The dishes Usobio are designed to resist ! Resistant to heat and freezing , plates, cutlery and glasses can contain food and drink hot, cold and oily.

The products Usobio make elegant table set with disposable tableware!

Everything for the table, while respecting the environment

A wide range of disposable compostable products suitable for all catering needs be they professional or domestic.

A selection of products to lay your table with elegance and ease, in an environmentally friendly way: plates, cutlery, cups, containers, napkins and tablecloths, all “OK Compost” certified.

Functional and unique designs, to provide disposable yet robust and resistant tableware, with a pleasing style and fully environmentally friendly.

Usobio products, whether produced in Italy or imported, ensure a consistently high quality standard, with certifications obtained in Europe.For imported products especially, a triple control procedure is implemented, starting from  the production site, before being shipped and whilst being stored in our warehouses in Italy.

What does compostable mean?

Usobio products are made from natural bioplastics, which once used can be thrown away in the organic waste bin so they can start becoming fertile compost!

The definition of “compostable” is described in the European norm: UNI EN 13432 of 2002.
According to this standard, “for a product to be defined as compostable, it must be biodegradable and break down in a short time period, i.e. it must be transformed by the microorganisms into water, carbon dioxide and fertile compost.
Finally, to be defined as compostable, the product must be compatible with the composting process, i.e. it must not release hazardous substances and must not alter the quality of the compost produced.