Everything for the table, while respecting the environment

Usobio is the product line that looks to the future and is an alternative for responsible consumption. This includes the logic of competitiveness and market competition, for this reason it helps its partners to please and satisfy the final customer.

From the search for innovative, ecological and renewable raw materials, combined with a guarantee of consistent quality and management of logistical services in a modern and efficient manner, Usobio ensures its customers a constant presence and a continuous improvement of its own offer.

Production and Logistics

Usobio is committed to continuous research and experimentation in processing bioplastics, so to make compostable products, which are constantly improving and increasingly efficient.

Usobio products, whether produced in Italy or imported, ensure a consistently high quality standard, with certifications obtained in Europe. For imported products especially, a triple control procedure is implemented, starting from the production site, before being shipped and whilst being stored in our warehouses in Italy. Furthermore, over the years, Usobio has set up a logistics network for our customers that ensure supply commensurate with demand, with ample storage facilities and an efficient delivery network to guarantee deliveries within 24-72 hours of ordering.